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Estela E. Estela E., Dallus Branch, LLC

I just want to say that I'm glad I chose CJ The Credit Fixer to take care of my credit repair needs. I've been with him for over 4 months I've seen a lot of improvement. Items are getting deleted, my scores are going up, and most importantly he's a great a communicator and keeps me up to date on what's going on. Thanks for everything so far!

Carlos P. Carlos P., Pinpoint Fitness Training

CJ is the man! Credit score is up 159 points in 2 months and I'm already seeing the fruits of his work as I qualified with top tier credit on my auto loan.

He gets right to work as soon as your paperwork comes in month after month. He's also very accessible and pays attention to the details!

Kina D. Kina D., Satisfied Client

So far it's only been a few weeks, but accounts are already coming off my credit reports. Can't wait to see the letters when they arrive. Credit score also going up as they come off.

Michelle P. Michelle P., Satisfied Client

Very responsive and does things in a timely matter...Seen great results with 1st round disputes, currently on second round, credit score has jumped about 30 points thus far!

We work extremely hard to satisfy our clients every need and we also guarantee that we can get anything removed from your credit report!

  • Take The First Steps

    Credit repair starts with education. We help you understand the unfair and inaccurate items on your credit reports and how to remove them.

  • Why Is A Good Credit Score Important?

    • Better Loan Terms
    • Home Purchases
    • Employment
    • Car Insurance
    • Apartment
    • Cell Phones Utilites
  • Keys To A Good Credit Score

    • How bills are paid
    • New credit applications
    • Age/length of established accounts
    • Mix of credit accounts
    • Amounts owed vs. available credit lines
  • A Credit Score Is?

    • Numerical value between 300-850
    • Number that sums up your credit report and risk to a lender
    • The higher the credit score, the less risk
    • Less risk = best loan terms and interest rates

Our Clients have seen more than their fair share of items removed from their credit reports.

As professionals in credit repair, we can guide you through the process. You now have a trusted advisor to help you reach financial freedom.

  • The US Average Credit Score Breakdown

    • 1%     499 and below
    • 5%     500-549
    • 7%     550-599
    • 11%   600-649
    • 16%   650-699
    • 20%   700-749
    • 29%   749-799
    • 11%   800 and above
  • Credit Report Timeline

    • Updated every 30 days
    • Positive Info: Indefinitely
    • Bankruptcies: 7 – 10 years
    • Public Records: 7 years
    • Inquiries: 2 years
    • Inactive/closed: Cycle off
  • What Lowers a Score?

    • Late Payments
    • Maxed out credit cards (low capacity)
    • Closing Credit Accounts
    • Collection Items
    • More Revolving Debt vs. Installment Debt
    • Bankruptcy
    • New Accounts
    • Several Credit Inquiries
    • Sub Prime Lenders
    • Cosigning

What Can Credit Repair Do For You?

Credit Repair can remove collections, late payments, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, medical bills, student loans, repossessions, charge offs or anything else on your credit report.

No guarantee on the credit rating number, because credit rating numbers vary from person to person.

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